Remembering the Reason for Memorial Day

With Memorial Day Weeekend upon us, I thought it appropriate to do a little research and posting about what Memorial Day actually represents, something I believe many of us forget amidst the weekend barbecues, beach outings, and other ‘holiday’ celebrations. Being the math person that I am, I wanted to focus a bit on “numbers” surrounding Memorial Day. Which, in retrospect, is very sad and alarming. But – it makes you appreciate our military even more and the sacrifice they and their families make to protect our U.S. Freedoms and allow us to celebrate this weekend.

I found this infographic by John S. Kerman at WalletHub that pretty much did all the work for me, so I am including the link and infographic here. Some of the numbers are fun facts and some are startling numbers that hopefully will make you stop, think, and remember those who have given their lives. When you eat that hot dog, or enjoy a sleep in on Monday because you have the day off, remember the 1.3 million service men/women who have given their lives for that right. And don’t forget at 3 pm to honor them as part of the National Moment of Remembrance.


Memorial Day 2016 By The Numbers

Source: WalletHub