A Pi by Any Other Name – Pi Day 2017

It’s that time of year again where math teachers and students get a little pi crazy on March 14 and celebrate that magical number, pi. It’s a fun day to spend focusing on circles and spheres and helping students discover pi or use pi or just eat pie!  Hopefully, of course, as math teachers, we are always trying to focus on the mathematics of pi…not just eating pies or circle-related food, though that certainly does add to the fun of the day.

Rather than reinvent the wheel (nice circle reference), I am resurrecting links from last year’s Pi-Day post to places with some fun ideas and added in a few new ones:

  1. Pi Day http://www.piday.org/million/ This site lists a million digits of Pi, and then, if you click on the links to the right, you can search the digits of Pi (for special sequences, like your birthdate), Pi puzzle (New York Times), or Einstein Rap.  There are lots of other links, so explore away.
  2. NCTM’s Illuminations: http://illuminations.nctm.org/pifight/
  3. Exploratorium http://www.exploratorium.edu/pi/pi_activities/index.html has a whole list of lessons/activities that explore Pi in many ways. One is the search digits one as well. Another one I think sounds very interesting is the Tossing Pi (scroll down the list to find this) – calculating Pi tossing toothpicks. Kids would love that!
  4. Project Mathematics http://www.projectmathematics.com/storypi.htm This has videos you can choose about the history of Pi, uses of Pi, people explaining what they think Pi is.  Might be good to warm up your class with.
  5. Joy of Pi – http://www.joyofpi.com/pilinks.html#articles  This page has lot of links to interesting articles about Pi, history, etc.  Lots of resources.
  6. Live Science – http://www.livescience.com/29197-what-is-pi.html Has a video and other resources.
  7. Edutopia – http://www.edutopia.org/blog/pi-day-lesson-plans-matthew-davis  Lessons and activities for elementary students.
  8. Education World – http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson335.shtml  Lessons and activities around Pi – multi-grade level.
  9. Teachπ.org – http://www.teachpi.org/  Lots of everything about Pi – books, activities, history, etc.
  10. NEA Resources for Pi Day: http://www.nea.org/tools/lessons/50840.htm
  11. Geometry Gems https://geometrygems.wikispaces.com/PiDay
  12. Kathi Mitchell’s Fun With Pi Day: http://www.kathimitchell.com/pi.html
  13. UTEP Pi Day http://www.math.utep.edu/Faculty/lesser/piday.html
  14. SimplyCircle https://www.simplycircle.com/11-pi-day-lessons-for-middle-and-high-school-students/

Have fun and be well-rounded tomorrow!