Graphing How-To – Hyperbola & Asymptotes on the CG50 Prizm

I realized I haven’t posted a ‘how-to’ video in a while, and, with this being the end of summer, there might be some students and/or teachers out there trying to learn some new skills before the school year starts up, hence this post. Why hyperbolas? No reason other than it helps highlight the Conics menu and I love the way it looks! My plan is to try to do some more how-to’s on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, especially as school starts up, so if there is a specific topic you want to explore, please let me know, as well as a specific Casio Calculator. There are several how-to videos out there already on my YouTube channel and Casio’s YouTube Channel, but if you have a specific content/calculator in mind, I will do my best!

The video below models one of the problems in our free Quick Start Guide for the CG50 (our newest version of our colored graphing calculator) on how to graph a conic section, in this case a hyperbola, using its equation, and then from that, finding its asymptotes, coordinates of the vertex, and the coordinates of the foci. This will be a nice example of how to use the Conic Menu option on the CG50 graphing calculator as well as our other graphing calculators, since the steps are the same.


Problem: Construct the graph of the conic section given by this equation: . Once graphed, find the asymptotes, the coordinates of the vertices and the coordinates of the foci.