Black Lives Matter and Covid19 have really brought to light the inequities in our country, but in particular the inequities in education. From funding, to access to internet an mobile devices, to quality teachers, resources, curriculum….the list seems endless. Equity has become a huge hot-topic, and there is a plethora of information and resources out there, and different educational groups are providing information and support for teachers, students, and parents. I wanted to provide in this post some links to resources and information to narrow down some resources that might be more specific to math education.

One obvious resource is the Casio Education Equity In Education webinar series. Casio has partnered with TODOS Math and The Benjamin Banneker Association, groups that are focused on math equity, leadership and providing equitable quality math education for black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other students of color. Together, these three organizations are providing numerous free webinars to share ideas for math educators and leader to improve and rethink how math instruction looks to make it a more equitable experience for all students. If you have missed the first three, I’ve provided the links below to the recorded webinars, and then I have also provided the link to the upcoming ones for the next month or so. We have some pretty powerhouse speakers and interesting topics that really get you focused on how math education can be a powerful experience for ALL students, and how we need to look past our assumptions about students.

I have also been searching for other resources that specifically are related to mathematics education and thinking about equity. Links are provided here:

The last link,, is an amazing sight with lots of ways to rethink teaching and learning of math. A key is to get out of our fixed mindsets about which students can and cannot learn mathematics. That is key to providing equitable math learning for all students – getting rid of our assumptions and providing experiences for all students because all students can do and learn mathematics. I’ve provided one of my favorite videos from this site (Jo Boaler) that gives a nice summary and really talks about 4 things that can make mathematics more equitable.

I’ll be sharing more in Thursday’s blog post related to math equity and education. Meanwhile, be sure to register for our Equity in Education webinar tonight!!


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