Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day and National Teacher Appreciation Week to all the educators out there who are working hard every day to provide students with a safe, welcoming and solid learning experience. This past year and a half has been so trying, and having so many teacher friends, I know how extra hard teachers have been working in remote, hybrid, and face-to-face environments to make sure their students are thriving.

THANK YOU TEACHERS!! You always go above and beyond, but the evidence of this hard work and effort and caring has really shone through this year. Parents who have had to take on the duty of ‘teaching’ I think have a new appreciation for the work and time and effort teachers put in every day to make sure their children are getting the most out of their education experiences. This year, learning strategies for teaching online, or juggling both online and face-to-face students at the same time, and all the extra hours put in to make sure students were having rich learning opportunities, etc. It’s an endless list of extra work, new strategies, new technologies, new tools and resources, and figuring out how to deliver learning in multiple ways.

There are so many instances from articles and stories I have read over the year that highlight the dedication and commitment teachers make for their students. Too numerous to list here, but I thought it would be fun to highlight some things teachers have been doing over the past year to give a sense to what a powerful presence the teacher force is in the lives of students. And why they deserve to be recognized not just this day, this week or this year, but all the time. Why they deserve to be honored, not vilified. Why they need to be supported, not blamed. Why they need to be listened to for their expertise, not ‘told’ what is best for their own students. Why they are the force behind good education and student learning that we need to support and respect them and their dedication to the education of so many.

To all those teachers out there – this video says it all!! You matter and we appreciate all you do!!

Working through a challenging school year (tools, student engagement, schools reopening, etc):

Supporting Each Other and Students During the Pandemic

Students Appreciate All That Teacher’s Have Done

How Far We’ve Come In A Year (A Year Ago Teacher Appreciation – )