A teacher of math and a lover of technology. Always striving to find better ways to help teachers bring math to life using technology.

I have been a math educator for over 25 years, with the first 17 years of my career as a public school mathematics teacher and administrator. I taught both middle and high school mathematics, and was a secondary mathematics administrator. In all my years in the public school arena, I always wanted my students to love math as much as I did and SEE the math around them, so continually looked for ways to make math engaging, hands-on, and incorporate technology and “making and building”. This led me to many great resources, such as The Geometer’s Sketchpad, TinkerPlots, Discovering Mathematics (all Key Curriculum products). When I couldn’t find the resources in my own schools or afford to buy materials for my students to make bridges or play math games, I found other ways, like wining some grants from Dominion Virginia Power, Best Buy Te@ch Award and the local math group, GRCTM. I also wanted to share what I was doing in my own classes with other teachers, so I started presenting at local math conferences, then state, and then finally national math conferences.

I mention specific products from Key Curriculum and my continuous efforts to find ways to make math instruction engaging because it led me to the next step in my career, which was working at Key Curriculum, first as their Professional Development Manager and then as their Director of Edtech Outreach. Believe me, this was a dream job – working with math educators who all had the same goal – to make math instruction inquiry-based, hands-on, and help students become true mathematical problem solvers. During my time with Key I was also working on my doctorate in educational technology, which was a perfect fit with my career, as I was working on helping teachers integrate technology, specifically Sketchpad, TinkerPlots and Fathom, into mathematics instruction as part of my many responsibilities at Key. When Key was sold to McGraw-Hill Education in 2012, I continued on with MHE for about 9 months, but decided to leave so that I could devote myself to finishing my doctorate, which I did in 2014.

After completing my doctorate, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at independent educational consulting, rather than going back to a company or back to the classroom. This way I could explore many interests, such as online learning, technology integration, and webinar development. I’ve worked with MHE creating Sketchpad applets for online math curriculum, I’ve worked with Kendall Hunt developing Geogebra applets for their Discovering Geometry ebook, have worked with several company’s and school districts on Common Core and standards alignments, and I still train teachers with Sketchpad. It’s been a very interesting, diverse experience being on my own, and has allowed me to explore new things and really delve into what I am interested in. And now, with Casio, I have yet another new adventure on my continuing journey to enhance mathematics education.

While at Key, the Casio professional development group reached out to me, and in my discussions with them, I realized that they had very much the same goal as Key – to help provide mathematics teachers and students tools and resources that support quality math learning. Many of Key’s mathematics consultants began working with Casio for that very same reason – a shared vision in mathematics. When Casio reached out to me this summer about becoming the Casio Brand Ambassador, I was intrigued, because I believe Casio has superior calculators and I already know their work with teachers (professional development, webinars, resources) is top notch. I am excited, because I see this role as a new way to reach out to teachers and educators and to continue my life-long goal of helping make students engage in and understand mathematics in diverse ways while at the same time helping Casio and Casio products become a more significant part of mathematics instruction.